Free flying a balloon at North Pole.

News in today, good friend of Excitations for many years, Kiff Saunders, has today  free flown a hot air balloon at the North Pole. Not the first time up North for Kiff. I think this is his 3 year at the pole but last two years balloon has been attached firmly to the ice/ship/something really strong. Last thing anyone would want to do up there is go drifting away. Weather must have been dam near perfect to be able to cut lose and let the bird fly free. Big yellow balloon and big red nuclear powered icebreaker in amongst all that snow and ice. Must have been really something to see (and do)

Technically they weren’t at the North Pole, about 1 kilometre away, but lets face it, I’m guessing no one is going to look at the pictures and say…. Oh that’s not the North Pole.

I’m also guessing that if you want to experience being in a hot air balloon at the North Pole or going for a swim there or just travelling to the top of the world in a nuclear powered icebreaker you should give Kiff a yell at Global Ballooning. Me thinks you may need to check your credit card balance before booking the trip. Maybe it would be more realistic to fly over Melbourne with Kiff or one of his amazing team of adventurers.


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