Photography Workshops announced

Excitations have today announce the first of a whole series of photography workshops and photo adventures

These have been a long time coming. Even this launch date had to be pushed back six months to allow for other projects still ongoing. So that these photography workshops don’t get in the way of our regular visitors to this site.The photography workshops and photo adventures have been given their very own little web page. Naturally you don’t have to remember the URL because we’ve created a link straight to the site right from the top of this blog or our main excitations site. Click on PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING and you’ll be instantly whisked away to our photo adventures site.

Couple of house keeping things I need to tell  you. The first workshop will be in August at our studio. We’re still finalising the date and cost. But we will post that info within the next 48 hours.

As you might have gathered from the title of the web page. We will not only be doing a series of workshops, but starting in 2015 we will be adding some photo adventures. Very excited about these. Without letting the cat out of the bag. I can tell you that there will be two distinctly different styles of photography adventures offered. They will be multi-day events of varying durations. The best description I can come up with is these events will be like  photography workshops on steroids. Supercharged learning and adventure experiences like no other offered in Australia.

More to come…….




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