Euston Robinvale Debutantes

Excitations started last weekend off by photographing a couple of delightful Euston Robinvale debutantes.

This was a first for us if the truth be told. We have photographed debs from Euston and  Robinvale before but never ever in Euston, or for that matter Robinvale. So we were all excited about the opportunity to do something a  bit different. Luckily we only had two Euston Robinvale Debutantes to shoot with. Lucky because that allowed us the extra time we needed to have a play  with locations and different looks.

Also lucky because we just happen to have two drop dead gorgeous young ladies as models. Their partners polished up all right as well. Now, because we had some time to mess with, it was a forgone conclusion that we didn’t want to create the same set of pictures twice. That is, we were going to try and ensure that both girls had dramatically different photos.

Close up glamour style half length portrait of beautiful  Euston Robinvale debutante, Photographed by Mildura Photographers Excitations.

Our first Debutante for the night was Isabella. We were able to nail this shot very early into our session. Sometimes the pixel fairies are just way to nice. Happily, this was one of those occasions, amazing light and the perfect model to use that light on. OK, the pose mightn’t be traditionally a debutante pose. But it was totally worth pushing the envelope a tiny bit.

Full length debutante photograph of couple standing back to back in late afternoon light. Euston Robinvale Debutantes by excitations photographers Mildiura.

This second image of Dean and Isabella was taken much later in our session. We had shot a bunch of normal, formal stuff by then. Plus a very nice set of  fun shots in a most unlikely location. We felt we were getting a feel to this couples personalities and this shot sort of just evolved. The sun was sinking slowly towards the horizon, we had Dean and Isabella pose in total shade, with the warmth of the setting sun just spilling into our shot. Top right hand corner, bit of lens flare creeping in and some warmth bouncing off a cream coloured wall.

Half length debutante and her partner location portrait beside the Murray River at Euston. Deb photography by excitations, Mildura photographer.

Then we caught up with Maria and Colby. After shooting a number of beauty type images of Maria on her own and then with Colby. We started shooting a set with the river as a background. That’s when Robyn spotted this clump of old dead trees standing in the river. They made for a messy cluttered background but one that somehow works. The light all natural and stunning.

Glamourous, playful location portrait pf debutante at night in front of golden lights and a staircase. Debutante photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Which brings us to this photo of Maria. To be honest we agonised over whether we should use this shot or another that is just plain stunning. That shot features Maria in super closeup, with wind blowing a few whisps of hair across her face. Trouble is that shot was horizontal and would reproduce  to small here. So to the image above. Yup again not your traditional debutante photograph. But I love it.

This image was crafted to show off Maria’s cheeky side and to get the light dancing through the hemline of her gown. Technically it is a straight forward shot, although Robyn with tell you otherwise, as she juggled a fish-pole a couple of light wizards and some gaffer  tape into position. Love the pose, love the backlighting and absolutely love the golden staircase in the background…….


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