Fog, photoshop and play.

Or I’ve got nothing else to talk about this Monday morning.

Panorama photograph of early morniong fog over the billabong near Merbein on the Murray River. Photo by Ian Mckenzie photographer Mildura.

We did take an hour off yesterday morning to go and hunt for some misty river pictures. Nothing much happening as the early fog was way to heavy and by the time the fog started to lift… Well let’s just say the light was all over. Now I know we’re going to pay for taking an hour off work…. Because the work is stacking up quicker than we can get through it… Hate that!
We are heading into the week with a brand new version of Photoshop all loaded up and ready to go…. Time will tell but it seems to get through some of the heavy lifting jobs quicker. Love the type preview and improvements to linked objects. Haven’t  even tried the content aware tool yet but hopefully the promised improvements are there.

We’ll try and get some more interesting pictures up for you either today or later this week….. Enjoy this brand new week.

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