Natalee and Joey Mildura wedding photography.

Autumn is my absolute favourite time to photograph just about anything involving people. Weddings are no exception. All was good, for Natalee and Joey’s big day, except that  old mother nature forgot what season it was. Brrrr…. Freeze the whiskers off a Snow Leopard, I kid you not. As it turned out, the cold didn’t seem to make any difference. The all day party just kept on getting better.

Black and white wedding photograph of father fixing flower on sons lapel. Wedding photography by excitations photographer Mildura.

As is normally the case with our bigger wedding celebrations, we started off by paying the boys a visit. Serious stuff this getting ready for a wedding. Joey with his dad making sure the lapel flowers are just perfect.

Black and wedding photograph of groom and groomsmen playing around before wedding. Mildura wedding phographer excitations took this picture.

And of course the rest of the boys we’re doing their bit to keep things quiet and serious in nature. This is one of Robyn’s captures from our second camera.

Photo of bride and her mum out of focus in background. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations. Mildura photographers.

Then it was a quick trip over to see how the girls were getting along with their preparations. More of the same really. Serious stuff getting ready for a wedding. Natalee and mum, just about ready to go.

Closeup of bottle of purfume photographed by excitations wedding photographers Mildura.

Brief interlude to take a couple of snaps of important little accessories. In this case a bottle of perfume. Photographed against the window. Naturally we also shot some really nice wedding photos of the flower girls and Natalee in the same location.

High-key beauty portrait of bride prior to her wedding. Wedding photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Then off to the bedroom for some more serious beauty portraits. Not hard if you have someone who looks amazing like Nat did. The room was naturally light in tone so made it easy to do some high-key bridal portraits.

High-key portrait iof bride under her veil. Wedding photography in Mildura by exitations.

Really like this under the veil image. We’ve been doing a few of these lately with really strong dramatic lighting. So today  it was a change to create a very soft flat light and treat it  to a  simple high-key effect during post production.

Blue tomned portrfait of bride and groom with veil flying into the air. Photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

We’ve skipped along a few million photos now. This was at our second wedding photography location. The first was indoors for some drama filled images. Then we stepped out for some dramatic close ups in this doorway. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind. We had to do a bit of quick-step to get into position, but made it in time to capture a great fun series of the veil doing its own thing.

Closeup happy portait of bride and groom by excitations Mildura photographer.

Yet another location. One which we’ve used before but never like this. Robyn again shooting with our second camera for this close up of Natalee and Joey.

Bride and groom with Ford GT cars in the main street of Wentworth. Wedding photography by excitations. photographers Mildura.

Some time spent down the street, with a bunch of  really cool wheels. and a couple of  pretty darn cool people.

Bridal party walking dow the stree during post wedding celebrations. Wedding photography by Excitations, photographers Mildura.

Then we went for a walk. Luckily there was next to no traffic, so we got away with a bit of Jay-walking. Natalee is probably not going to like this shot. There are many more, which are more flattering but I liked the gesture and feel of this one.

Bride and groom relaxing in Art Back cafe and Gallery Wentworth, NSW. Wedding photogaphy by excitations Mildura photographer.

Our final locations was Art Back cafe and gallery in Wentworth. Where it could be said the normal Saturday afternoon tranquility may have be disturbed by our boisterous and somewhat loud shenanigans. We shot some chilling shots. Some cafe culture images and then went outside to play in the autumn leaves.  All in all a great day.

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  1. i like the color, contrast and composition. The bride and groom look very natural. Great wedding package and superb wedding pictures. Congratulations! You are the best wedding photographer.

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