Playtime for both our models and our photographer.

Photograph of two youg girls during playtime at a photo session. Photo by excitations photographer Mildura.

We’ve been shooting so much stuff recently that we are not able to share with you. Then this morning while frantically trying to catch up after a day in Swan Hill yesterday for a couple of meetings and a family Funeral. This image finds its way onto my desktop. Photographed a fair while ago at an amazing and quite remote location. Klancy and Evie, two bubbly and fun to be around young ladies took some playtime during a photo session. We created this lovely image of the girls during that time out.

Turns out it was playtime for Ian as well. Mixing a very old and often used black and white filter with some natural colour goodness and BINGO…. Lovely semi old fashioned look which works well with the old stone building.

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  1. I read the excitations blog all the time…. I was very happy to see my beautiful girls on there today, It was a fantastic day and I look forward to doing it all again some time soon!

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