Cold day warm hearts….

File under wedding photography Mildura,Natalee and Joey may have picked a cold day for their wedding but there was love in the air.

We normally don’t post wedding pictures to the blog until after we have downloaded, backed up, logged and keyworded the entire days shoot. However I just had to share one of yesterday’s wedding images with you… But which one, there are hundreds of fantastic wedding photos to choose from. We’ll post some more soon but this one will have to do for today.

Bride and groom kiss while autumn leaves fall around them. Wedding photography Mildura by excitations.

A stolen kiss… a few moments alone on their special day…..

Totally kidding, we had professional leaf throwers, camera people, bridal party and an assortment of bystanders all sharing the moment. Funny thing is Natalee and Joey didn’t complain once when we asked “can you do that one more time”.

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