Mildura river wedding for Ashton and Nathan.

Mildura river wedding, all about history, river boats and a couple in love.

The question is where do we start? Clearly it won’t be at the beginning for that would require this blog to go on forever and ever. Suffice to say. When Ashton and Nathan decided to get married, their wedding was always going to involve the Murray River and boats. Great big old historic Paddle Steamers and a not so old Paddle Boat. Being a third generation river girl, Ashton it is said,  has some blood mixed with the Murray River water pulsing through her veins. Nathan, clearly shares the passion for the river and Paddle Boats.
*Portrait of groom, casual, with a bright blue wall background. Wedding photography by excitations, Mildura.
Our first port of call wasn’t beside the river, instead it was to Nathan’s mum and dads house, where we caught up with the boys getting ready. We shot a lot of ideas and locations with the guys… But I’m feeling colourful tonight, so a different angle on a grooms portrait.

Abstract wedding portrait of groom reflected in frames art work on the wall of family home. Mildura wedding photography by excitatioins.

I’d like to tell you a big long story about how we created a multiple exposure and spent hours in photoshop creating the work above. Instead, I’ll come clean and tell you that Nathan was occupied with the video team and I noticed his reflection in a framed work of art. Click….

Arty back veiw of bride and her veil. Wedding phots by excitaions Mildura photographers.

Over to Ashton’s for a very short photo session. Surrounded by family memorabilia and history we shot a whole lot of images. Lots of which I wanted to show here but sometimes one  must show a modicum of  restraint. Sorry, Royal Tour Fever struck me there for a moment.  Amongst all the images, closeups, full lengths, veil over face and with attendants this simple little image stood out to me. We shot a wider version which should have been more powerful… but no this one won out.

In 30 plus years of photographing weddings, I can’t remember another occasion when we have used the brides trip to the ceremony as a whole photo session in itself. That however, is exactly what we did in this case. Remember, earlier I referred to Ashton as a true River Girl with Murray water flowing in her veins… How else would any self respecting bride with such heritage get to her wedding…. Paddle Boat of course.
Close up of brideleaning on table with her bouquet of flowers while she travelled to her wedding ceremony on the Paddle Boat Mundoo. Mildura river wedding photography by excitations.
Travelling upstream from home to Trentham Estate Winery by river, provided us with a unique opportunity to create a whole lot of different images, Some indoors, some out. All as the ever changing scenery past us by. Very pleasant indeed.
Bride photographed from a high angle  while performing a back arch and holding her bridal bouquet. Mildura wedding photographers, excitations.
The Mundoo has lots of  places where photographers can create magic photos. The stair way is one of those. We photographed it from below, front on, side on and then this. Not sure that Ashton will love it…. But I do. Photographed from a near impossible angle while Ashton performed a near impossible back arch while  displaying her bouquet.

Bride and groom photographed in graveyard of old river boat engines and parts. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

After the wedding ceremony at Trentham we all got to go and play in an amazing location. Firstly to a graveyard of all things River Boat. For this relatively straight wedding portrait above we use a whole lotta rusting iron. I understand the large remnants of a stream engine behind  Nathan and Ashton is the original engine from the PS Rothbury.
Close up laughing bride and groom surrounded by wood piles used to power the PS Melbourne. Mildura River Weding photos by exitations.
Then we headed on over to a wood pile. No ordinary wood pile mind you. But firewood pre cut for the boilers of the PS Melbourne.  Lots of photos here in a real short time. Because we then had an appointment with two fine old ladies of the river. PS Melbourne and PV Rothbury. What you say… A minute ago you called  her the PS Rothbury and now  you say she’s the PV Rothbury. Well she used to be the PS when fitted with the steam engine above. PS = Paddle Steamer, no steam engine and she becomes a PV or Paddle Vessel. Sorry I wander a bit.
Romantic sunset photograph of bride and groom kissing on the banks of the Murray River at Mildura> Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.
We photographed in and around both the old boats. Honestly, I could have spent a whole day there shooting ideas. But time flies and we had another boat to catch at the Mildura wharf. I couldn’t resist one last shot as we headed up the river bank. Late afternoon sunlight. Perfect location for another quick kiss while nobody is looking.

Bride and groom on Mildura wharf with the PV Mundoo in the background. Mildura wedding photograohers Excitations.

Told you we had another boat to catch. The PV Mundoo again. This time she was the setting for Ashton and Nathan’s reception. Kinda looks like they missed the boat doesn’t it. Also kinda looks like they don’t care. Maybe they knew she would turn around and pick them up.

Some of these image just added to our Google+ page for bigger viewing



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  1. Jackie and I are part of the long lost family from England, we are so proud that our Aussi family looked for us and made contact leading to my wife getting back her lost history. We havent met Ashton and Nathan yet, but expect to one day, seeing thier wedding photos on the internet has been the next best thing to being there. They are a truly beutifull couple, thanks for letting me see this.
    Paul & Jackie Rose
    Barrow in Furness

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