Excitations studio garden.

Family portraits in excitations studio garden.

Quick post this Good Friday morning. I though we should share with you another location in the excitations studio garden. This is an area that we have used from time to  time when photography children.It is a long thin area of lawn surrounded on both sides by thick garden beds, forming a curving tunnel with lots of depth, which is great for photographers.

Semi formal family portrait photographed in Excitations studio garden near Mildura. Family photos by excitations.

Ideal when photographing young active children, because it’s design restricts their sideways vision and reduces the distractions to the young and inquisitive by focussing their attention of a small area. The area we are photographing in. While this part of excitations studio garden is still developing, it is now providing us with some interesting photographic possibilities. One of which is small semi formal family group portraits like the one of  our good clients the Harris family pictured above. We created a number of group portraits during this photography session in excitations studio garden as well as a series of individual portraits of the girls. From memory we also  photographed a couple of clothing changes to give more variety and choice to the photo session.

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