Soft focus child portraits

Creating selective focus images for child portraits

I often say there are no hard an fixed rules for photographing young children. No matter how much we might want them to play by our rules. At days end it will be the child who has allowed us to create portraits that his or her parents are going to love. Sure it mightn’t be exactly what mum and dad had in mind. But it will be a set of portraits of their child. Mostly a true record of that period of time in that child’s development. Every time we go out to create a set of child portraits, we do so with eager anticipation.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen a mum get all frustrated with her child not performing. When in fact the images we’re capturing are beautiful. Maybe not just as mummy had wanted or visualised but beautiful memories that will forever record those special times during a little person growth to an adult.Selective focus use to create soft focus effect in child portraits. Photo by excitations, Mildura photographers

The young man above is Pietro, from a photography session in Excitations outdoor studio a while back. As it turned out, Pietro wasn’t much of a problem for this shoot. We got lots of pictures of him doing all sorts of things that little boys like to do. This image worked well in colour, but I thought it felt better with a slight blue toned monochrome finish.  A young man deep in thought. The only part of this image that is truly sharply focussed is Pietro’s left eye. Everything else in the photograph is soft and blurry. Lovely effect, but as a photographer you have to nail the focus point…. otherwise you have another trashcan candidate.

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