Baby photos with white backgrounds.

Creating baby photos with white backgrounds in a studio setting.

I’m not going to turn this into a tutorial on how to create baby photos with white backgrounds. Because in a fully functional studio like excitations barn style studio, any colour and shade of background is possible. Clean pure white backgrounds are one of the more difficult to consistently create. We’re lucky in that excitations have available a medium format digital camera system, which not only allows us to more easily create baby photos with  white backgrounds.

The medium format system consistently out preforms  normal DSLR cameras in creating clean whites which don’t bleed into the subjects. I know this because another photographer raved about the clarity and definition possible with medium format digital cameras when photographing against a pure white background. I still remember thinking what a lot of BS. My DSLR would be just as good…. Then we invested in a medium format digital camera system and as fate would have it. The first job we shot was a near white object against a pure white background. Wow! The difference was amazing. Now I see what he was talking about.An example of baby photos with white background, photographed at excitations barn style studio near Mildura using medium format digital camera.

Our cool little man for this example of baby photos with white backgrounds is Michele. Gotta say he took all this photography stuff in his stride. This image I believe is enhanced by the pure white background, which lends a feeling of innocence to the image. While keeping all the attention on the main man.

I’m not suggesting that you can’t achieve beautiful white backgrounds in baby photos anywhere other than a fully equipped photography studio. You can. However, adding a medium format digital camera to the equation is a game changer. As they say on all those TV cooking shows. Taking it to the next level.

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