Copyright and other stuff for Monday.

Quick roundup of the week past in photography

First off. In 2010 a photojournnalist working in Haiti is on the scene when a massive earthquake hits. Within minutes he has posted on his Twitter account 8 harrowing images from the event. Persumably, he posted the pictures in  hope that it would be a good way to announce to the world. One, the event, and two, he had great images of the event. As he does this for a living you would expect the latter to be important. What happenned istead was that a couple of major picture libraries “Borrowed” his pictures and started selleiing them. He later complained, and took the agencies to court for breach of his copyright. Last Friday he was awarded damages to the tune of  US$275,000 for each picture.

While on about copyright.  Do you know what the policies of the social media sites you use are? Most of us just click through all that legal contract stuff and move on to the good stuff. Some sites own everything you post. And they can sell it, alter it and pretty much do as they like with your content… Because it’s theirs and you’ve signed an agreement say it is. Just saying.  If you’re not paying for services on the internet, chances are you or your content is the product.

Quality wedding and portrait albums slowly but surely dying. Sad but true. While this piece of news isn’t new. I only found out about it last week. One of the few remaing  manufactures of quality albums has shifted its base business away from producing quality products to manufacturing low priced mass market style albums. They’ve been busy pushing quality with many heavy photographer indorsements, while all the time backing off the quality. Smoke and mirrors comes to mind here. Luckily, we weren’t using their products. Which, while excellent, didn’t suit our style or market.

Why buy a camera?  I’ve had a chance ofer the last couple of weeks to work with a variety of files from different cameras. I’ve been amazed by the quality from devices such as IPhone and IPad”s  and expect offerings from other manufactures whould yeild similar results. My conclusion. Most peope don’t need a camera. Their phone or tablet will do the job just nicely.  I’m told sale s of point and shoot style compacts is falling dramatically. IN response camera manufactures have invented a new style of camera the “Mirrorless Camera”. Funny thing is it’s seems to me to be a revamp of a design first introduced in the mid 1930’s. Been made a bit more sexy with a few bells and whistles, but estentially a rehash that is being marketed as new. Interestingly, DSLR’s, or at least the lower priced consumer models didn’t yeild images anywhere as good as all the hype woud have you believe. Which makes me wonder how long they can hold out before  disappearing as well. Pro users will already have noticed there is not much new happening in the world of pro grade DSLR’s. Lots of new rumours around for a while but nothing coming to market.

That’s it for today, boring stuff over. Some new pictures tomorrow hopefully


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