Straight 8 Packard Limo

Straight 8 Packard Limo, traveling in old world style.

Sighted this old beauty at  a recent wedding in Swan Hill. She wasn’t even the bridal car. Instead used to get the boys around town and from photo location to location. I’d love to be able to tell you the full story of this car but I’m probably the only McKenzie ever to draw breath who doesn’t know  anything about cars. Black sheep of the family you could say. The rest of the clan can pull an engine to bits in the dark while blind folded. Me… lets just say it’s a struggle to insert an ignition key into a slot.

Straight 8 Packard car parked at Pioneer Settlement Swan Hill.

I have no idea of what year this car was built. But it safe to say it wasn’t in the last couple of weeks. I can remember visiting family as a young boy and seeing cousin John, then not much more than a teenager working on this car. John, an avid collector of vintage and veteran cars and motorcycles has amassed an impressive collection of such vehicles. Anyway it was great to see the old girl again, even if she didn’t get to be the bridal car. That honour went to Buick, of a similar vintage. Which was in fact owned by our brides family. Kinda cool using historic family owned vehicles in a wedding.

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