Photography lessons in the studio

Recent photography lessons in Excitations barn style studio.

While it’s not something we do often. It is always a bit of fun to give a group of student photographers photography lessons. On this occassion we were shooting portaitsĀ  in our barn style studio. using mostly simple setups with studio strobes or flashes.

Low key studio portrait of young woman taken in excitations barn studio near Mildura during a photography workshop.

Our model during this batch of studio photography lessons was the ever delightful and very beautiful Sopany. Who put up with us moving lights and changing setupsĀ  without once complaining. the low key image above created with a single studio flash and a couple of carefully placed reflectors. As our students discovered, not all reflectors have to be expensive shop bought devices. While Ian was conducting the photography lessons in our studio. He couldn’t resist picking up his camera and capturing a few images of Sopany. The portrait above has been converted from colour to a cool toned black and white image, with a rough border added in Photoshop.

Full length studio photograph of a beautiful young woman photographed in Excitations Barn Style Studio during a photography workshop.

While these photography lessons were primarily about creating portraits in a studio location. We did take the opportunity to shoot a number of full length images of Sopany. This one against a plain seemless background with what is most likely the simplest of all studio lighting setup. One so simple that you’ll rarely find anyone teach it. Sometimes simple just works.

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