Exploring light on location

Exploring light while on location with Bryony and Luke.

This post with Bryony and Luke is a wee bit overdue… Whoops.

We’ve been juggling a couple of posts this week. As it turns out, we’ve had to hold  one  of our posts for a few days….  And this one wasn’t ready. I really wanted to talk about working with light on location.

There are two main ways of handling lighting for photography. One we can use existing light. That is the natural light occurring in our photo location. Photographers mostly refer to this as available light photography. Or we can bring our own. Either int the form of studio style strobes, or smaller camera mounted flashes. Camera mounted flashes are the last resort for us. They are very difficult to get anything that resembles good photographic lighting. Not impossible, just way difficult.

While we were shooting with Bryony and Luke, we used both methods.  I’m only going to show you images created with existing light or available light in this post. As it turned out we had a whole lot of really great location light available to use. Occasionally on location there isn’t much in the way of inspiring light. Not the case on this job.

Beautiful young Mildura debutante photographed by available light in hallway of home by excitations, Deb photography Mildura.

 This image of Bryony was created in a long hallway at home. Originally we decided to photograph here because of a very classic style of rim lighting  we were getting by photography along the length of this room. We started to work from a camera position just to the right of where Bryony is here. Then after getting that image, we decided to start exploring light. This is the result. Totally different look. To what we started with, and all we did was changed up our camera angle. This photo has had our HCG profile run over it to desaturate the colours.  I love the way the way the light is coming from every which way. Casting a highly diffused shadow all around our beautiful young model.

Strong conterasty lighting in black and white portrait of deb partner with debutante in background,. Deb photos Mildiura by excitations.

 A change of locations.Out into the  backyard and into this amazing old shed. Full of rustic charm,  an ideal opportunity to try exploring light on location. This portrait of Luke, relies on strong directional light to give it drama. Helps of course that Luke has the perfect look to make the image work.  While we did in fact use both available light and some pocket sunshine in this location. This portrait of Luke is just existing light. Carefully placing our subject so that light fell across his face and that cool little triangle of light formed on Luke’s left eye and cheek. There was just enough light coming from windows behind him to nicely light the back of his head and cut him out from the background.

Young debutante posed against a strong coloured wall wiith shadow patterns on it. Debutatne photography by excitations, Milduira.

The last location I want to show you is a simple one. We had set up a couple of studio strobes in this room and planned to use the strong coloured background as a feature. Just as we were about to start photographing, the sun began reflecting off a car windscreen outside, projecting a pattern of trees onto the wall. It would be just silly not to make the most of  an opportunity like this. Only lasted for about two minutes before the sun got bored and moved on. While it lasted we tried to get as many shots in as possible. Then went back to the original plan of using studio lighting for the rest of the images in this spot.




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