Engagement photos Robinvale and Euston.

Engagement photos on location, almost always a whole lot of fun.

We love creating engagement photos, both in the studio and on location. However, photographing on location not only presents added challenges but also added opportunities. Light, location and environment all coming together to enhance the feel of a photo session. Photographing on the day of the big announcement is also adds to the excitement.

Recently the excitations crew traveled to Robinvale for the engagement of Vittoria and Anthony. Amazing day in more ways than one. Great couple, surrounded by wonderful friends and relatives. Plus  some truly amazing light.

Romantic close up photograph of young engaged couple. Photgraphy by excitations.

Here’s one of my favorite shots of the day. Down by the river. Glorious filtered sunlight. Plus a couple in love. Life doesn’t get any better than this. I know, we will cop a bit of flack from some who don’t like that Vittoria’s hair isn’t perfect. But… I would argue a moment captured is way more important than a strand of hair out of place. I’m not sure if this was a gentle peck on the cheek, or a  whisper in Vittoria’s ear. Whatever, Anthony, you made this work so well.

Photograph of young engaged couple, lots of orange coloured lens flare. Very abstract style of engagement photography. Engagement photo by excitations, Mildura photography

And now for something completely different as they say. Photographing into the sun which earlier had  provided the great light above. Gave us this result. Lots of lovely lens flare. Photographed in the care park of Euston Club. No Photoshop, no pixel pushing, just good old fashioned photography for all of the above.



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