Loretta and Andrew a couple more wedding photos

Long overdue, some more wedding photos from Loretta and Andrew’s wedding.

Wedding photos, baby photos and debutante photos. That’s about all I’m seeing at the moment. Which is good compared to last month when it was mostly paper work and more paper work. Apparently I promised some more wedding photos from Loreta and Andrew’s big day…. way back in June. Wow, how much has happened since then. Anyway here are a few more from a terrific day.

Romantic, soft focus photograph of bride, her mum and attendants dressing before her wedding. Wedding photography Mildura by excitations.

Here’s  a fun image of Loretta dressing. We shot this at a very low shutter speed, getting  a lovely painterly effect. I’m a real fan of this look, however we use it rarely. As a tehnique for wedding photography it is a tad to hit and miss to be used often. That said,  I’ve just had another idea for it’s use, so look out next wedding I shoot.Wide angle photograph of bride and groom lighting candle in Sacred Heart Church, Mildura. Wedding photos by excitations.

Some days the pixel fairies just work with you. Georgeous light falling on Andrew and Loretta as they light candles. Just a little help from our friend “Lightroom”.

Dramatic toned photo of bride and groom walking out of church. Mildura wedding photography, excitations.

There’s probably 1000 ways to shoot a bride and groom leaving Sacred Heart church in Mildura. This I guess is 1001 as I’ve never used it before. Kinda liked it in colour, but desided to go with an antique look with the contrast popped a little. Having a second camera working, always takes pressure off the main photographer. Allowing for some experimentation. This image is a result of that experimentation.

Wedding photograph of bride and groom walking along an avenue of trees late evening very green looking wedding photo by excitations, Mildura photographers.

And finally a walk in the park. More precisely a walk down the median strip of a road in Wentworth. Which by the way is kind of a cool place to shoot wedding photos. Lots of interesting locations, and something a litle different from what’s around Mildura.

Black and white wedding reception photograph of groomsmen carrying groom on their shoulders.

Then of course we were off to a parteeeeeeee. Lots of oportunities to get action wedding photos. With everyone getting into having a great time, photography was easy.

Bride dancing under huge circular light fitting at Club Da Vinci Mildura. Wedding photographer, excitations.

As the party goes on, we managed to capture the girls busting a few moves under that really cool light fixture at Club Da Vinci.





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