Beach portraits and good friends

Shooting  beach portraits in the middle of Winter.

Rule number one when shooting beach portraits in winter. Pick a beach in a warmer climate. That’s why we chose Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast for a portrait session with Toni and Ren. Long time friends of the crew here at Excitations.

Beach portraits of a couple at Mermaid Beach, on the  Gold Coast. Photo by excitations, Mildura Photographers

We wanted this to be a super casual session. Truth be told more time was spent catching up on old times than actually shooting. But hey, that’s cool with us. There was nothing special about the location. It was choosen because there was a car park close handy. We weren’t even put off by  numerous police cars close by. Just put that down to some blitz or other. Turns out to be a little more sinister. With some poor bugger being stabbed right across the road from where we were working.

However beach portraits was what we were there for, so beach portraits is what we did. Started the session with a simple little walk along the waters edge. Actually, not all that simple. Walking backwards hand holding a Medium Format Camera fitted with a long lens is never simple. I’m told it can’t be done… That’s  a crock of you know what. Been doing that with MF for over 30 years now, so I should have it down pat.

Anyway the point of the exercise was to show how the background goes really nicely out of focus and smooth. You still know it’s a beach but it doesn’t distract from our talent. Truth be told you can achieve this effect with most camera’s. It’s just better when you use medium format. The reason is simple physics, but I’m not going to bore you to death with that stuff. While we were shooting we also created some lovely close ups with the fast fading east coast winter light.




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