Debutantes in Mildura on location

On location shooting debutantes in Mildura.

Although we don’t really chase the debutante photography scene around Mildura. It’s still a whole lot of fun to work with a small number of debutanes and their partners each year.debutante in Mildura at Grand Hotel resort.

Sophie, photographed at the Grand Hotel Mildura, a while back. Yup I know we take our time to get photos up onto the blog…. Put it down to to much to do, to little time to do it. Anyway we had a great time with Sophie and her partner Tanner, pictured below. The Grand is popular with debutantes in Mildura for good reason. For us it is more of a challenge, trying to get something a little different each time we visit. The image of Sophie above, is one of the most popular locations. Changed up, by shooting backlighting through the arches.

Debutante partner photographed in a formal style, outdoors at the Grand Hortel Milduyra. Photograph by excitations, Mildura debutante photographers.

And Tanner from the reverse angle.

Debutante sitting in a large leather chair in the middle of a suburban street. Debutante photography in Mildura by excitations.

Then there was the beautiful Stephanie, who we found sitting in an old leather chair, right slap bang in the middle of a Mildura street. Steph had told usĀ  she new this place. We were so lucky there was this old chair plonked right down where we need it.

Debutante partner photographed on an old stair case, full length. Debutane photos in Mildura by excitations.

We caught up with Stephanie’s partner Angus, just hanging around on an old stair case at the Mildura Club. Thanks to the team at the club for allowing this young gentleman, Steph plus a couple of photographers to shoot pictures on their premises.




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