Great locations

Choosing great locations for you photo session.

Young engagement couple photographed in great location, black and white. photo by excitations photographers mildura.

Choosing great locations for your portrait or wedding photography is key to getting a result you will be delighted with.  Imagine watching an old western movie, complete with horses and horse drawn vehicles, actors in period costumes….. but filmed on the streets of Melbourne in the present day, while cars and trams rattle past in the background. Do you think that would look the same as if the producers had gone to the trouble of constructing a western styled set. Well choosing a location that works in your portrait and wedding photography is just as important. The final look and feel of your images, depends on your choice of location.

You are of course not trying to match authenticity like they would in a movie. You are however,  attempting to create a style and a feeling which conveys a little bit of yourself.  So locations are really important. Probably the most important consideration when searching  for great locations, is, how it feels. The sense of space if you like. You know, when you walk into a house,  you almost instantly get a good feeling or not so good feeling about the property. Locations are the same. You really do need to feel  comfortable being photographed there.

Great locations can either complement your style or contrast with it. A complimentary style maybe a formal portrait shot in a very formal room setting. On the other hand you may choose a contrasting style. Maybe the same formal dress style against a background of rusting car bodies. Both would work photographically. Most likely only one would feel right for you.

Then there is the photographic sisde of a location. Will it work photographically and give you pictures you want? We often hear people say… “Oh xyz had their photos there and they turned out great, so if we go there our photos will be great too.”  Actually… that’s not nesesarily so. There are a multitude of variables when it comes to shooting on location. For example the sun may only shine in the right place early morning. You rock up during the afternoon and the location sucks. Same spot, different times of day can make a huge difference. Other variables include such things as the type of equipment your photographer has and your photographers experience.

Our models above are Damian and Stephanie, photographed in a contrasting location, on the occasion of their engagement.

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