Family photos on a beach.

Most years we get a couple of requests to shoot family photos on a beach.

Because we live and work a few kilometres from the nearest ocean beach. About 400 clicks to be more accurate. Most times we head to some of the amazing river beaches  south of Mildura. Mostly referred to as  sand bars by locals. I have to say these sand bars are really stunning locations, and provided the river isn’t running at high levels there is a lot of sand to play with. However the chance to shoot on a real beach is always welcomed.

While we were photographing around the Gold Coast area in June. We fully expected, at some stage to get a chance to shoot a family on a  dinky di Australian beach. However, that wasn’t to be. Well not until we headed further north onto the Sunshine Coast. There we got to work with some old friends of Excitations, Chris and Greg, plus their wonderful family. Of course when we first started shooting with these guys, there was no family. Boy… how time flies. And little kids grow into big kids. The story of our lives really…. Watching families grow.

Low angle photo of family walking along Coolum Beach, Qld. Photography by excitations photographers Mildura.


In the above shot we decided to hedge our bets. Robyn shot from the beach using her favorite camera and lens combination. A Canon 5D III with a f2.8 70-200 Canon lens attached. While Ian went for a high angle and basically shot from the main street. Using some long glass on his Medium format kit, which is the image below.

High angle of family walking along Coolum Beach, Qld.  Photo by excitations photographers Mildura.

For the above image we went to a no tech solution, just letting the setting and the feeling of being together on a beach create the mood.

Casual family photo taken on Coolum Beach in Qld by excitations photographers, Mildura.

The beach used for this images was Coolum Beach, which as it turns out is a really cool-un  to take family photos on a beach. I mean, there ae not many locations which allow you to have a delightful breakfast in one of the many cafes along the main drag. Walk 100 metres and be on a beach and ready to take photos. Great town, fantastic location.

Naturally we took the chance to create all the normal combinations we do with a family sitting, including individuals, and sub groupings. For today though, I just wanted to show some of the family photos on a beach images.




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