Rumours of a massive megapixel camera from Canon.

Even before Nikon released their D800 there were rumours of a big sensor coming from Canon.

Talk is now that the sensor being tested is 75mp. I’m not sure there is a great market for a sensor so big, unless Canon are planning a move into medium format. If they are just going to whack this into a DSLR styled body and use existing lenses, I certainly won’t be lining up anytime soon to lay my dollars down. For me there are a number of Canon’s existing lens which w0uld surprise me if they could handle  a sensor with more resolution.

But then again these are only rumours…… And we’ve all heard the stories before. It’s not that long ago,  a photographer friend was telling me,  his friend was testing a soon to be released camera from one of the big two. It will have… and he went on to detail all the goodies contained in the little black box. Time past and the new model hit the market. Not one of the stated features arrived with the new camera. Was my friends, friend telling fibs? Or was he testing out one of the many variants and decoys pushed out into the testing field? Who knows. All I know is once the rumours start, the only thing to stop them is the release of a next model.
Mary River Queensland

Nothing whatever to do with a new Canon Camera. In fact shot on a Mamiya Leaf medium format rig. Early morning on the Mary River just north of Gympie in Queensland. Cold, fog everywhere and then out of the murk we came upon this scene.

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