Phototgraphers tour to Antarctica

If you’re a photographer and have always wanted to go shoot the Antarctic, here’s your  chance.

The crew over at Luminous Landscape have just the trip for you. Seven world class photographers, one bloody big mother ship, a whole bunch of experienced guides and a flotilla of Zodiac’s. Will mean you get to shoot from the ship, from the inflatables and go trekking. An adventure of a lifetime it truely will be. Slotted in for Summer 2014/15 you need to book real soon if you’re interested. Past trips I know have booked out in days. This time they are flying out of Chile by specially modified commercial jet. Which is a big deal, as in the past you would have spent 2 days hanging over the side of a ship, feeding fish as sea sickness got the better of you. Now 2 hours and your there, cruising calm, protected coastal waters. There will be a couple of Local instructors among the 7 big name shooters. Christian Fletcher out of Western Australia and Kiwi, Jacki Ranken, along with one of my favorite photographers Art Wolfe. Gotta love that name, as he shoots art and a lot of natural history. Shorta like the Spencer Tunick thing in reverse. Spencer and Tunick are clothing items and he shoot nudes…

Anyway if you have a few dollars to spare and want to go shoot stuff most people only dream about details are here.

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