On location with 2 beautiful young debutantes.

Not the warmest weather in Mildura today, but lots of warm wonderful smiles from two beautiful debutantes.

After being super busy on other business stuff during the last 10 days. It was amazing to be able to put a camera up to my eye again this afternoon. Firstly I would like to thank both of our debutantes for being so wonderful and putting up with the cold without once complaining. Our first young lady was Emily and her partner Sean.

Photograph of a very happy young debutante posing for a toned monochrome photograph at the Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by Mildura photographers, excitations.

This shot of Emily was intended to be in full living colour. The whole point of selecting this angle and location was for the colour. However, while quickly casting an eye over the shots as we backed up todays shoot, something said to me “this is a monochrome shot for sure”. So it is. When Robyn an Emily see it they’ll probably over rule me but until then…. monochrome. We shot two distinct versions of this image. Firstly we used a whole lot of blurred motion. Which I really liked but decided not to post here.  Maybe one day soon I’ll sneak one onto the blog for you to see.

Bright red car in a black and white image with debutante and her partner standing in fron of the Grand Hotel Mildura. Photo by excitations, Mildura Photographer

Second image of Emily with Sean in front of the Grand Hotel with their ride for the day. This one is sort of inspired by the Cuban Look. If you’re a car buff you will most likely know that Cuba is the place where there is a plethora of 50’s and 60’s wheels still in use daily. When photographers visit Cuba… They take pictures of cars. Just like the one above. So I thought it would be cool to turn this shot of Robyn’s into a debutante photo with a twist of Cuba.

Full length seated portrait of a Mildura debutante photographed in stunning available light at the Grand Hotel Mildura, by Ian Mckenzie from Excitations

The second of our lovely ladies was Catherine. This isn’t the first time that we’ve photographed Catherine. Excitations go back a few years with this young lady. Baby photos if I remember correctly. I have to tell you, this shot was never really planned. We had intended another angle entirely. However, I’d just walked back into the room after a lens change,  noticed this amazing light illuminating both Catherine’s face and the folds in her gown. Bingo…. Love it.

Close up looking down debutante photo of a young couple posing for the camera. Photo by excitations photographers Mildura.

Josh and Catherine in a slightly more formal pose than we had been doing up until this moment. If you know these guys, ask them about strong winds and narrow walkways. I’m sure they’ll tell you how much fun it can be. We finished up the photo session with what turn out to be a group session. About five debs, plus  their partners all ended up in one place at the same time. Add a very stretched Hummer and nearly as many photographers as debutantes plus a whole bunch of proud parents and we must have come close to being classed as a street party. I’m sure lots of great memories were created today. For me that’s it. Funs over for this Saturday, back to more mundane work.



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