Gold Coast photography in the rain with Stephanie

Excitations were on the Gold Coast shooting recently.

While we were there we met a whole bunch of great people, caught up with a few old friends and clients, as well as geting to shoot some amazing places. One of our real discoveries was a beautiful lady by the name of Stephanie.

Beautiful young woman photographed on the streets of the Gold Coast at night, in the rain. Lots of street lights and reflections in this half length portrait by Mildura photographers excitations.

Firstly I gotta tell you Stephanie was great. Despite steady rain falling, and a very chilly evening, she threw herself into the photo session with amazing enthusiasm. Now Stephanie is a tall girl…. really tall. So the chances of her going anywhere without turning heads is …. shall we say unlikely. Which is maybe why see had no problems struting her stuff , right out there on the streets of Broad Beach. More than a few sets of admiring eyes followed her around  duringt our shoot. I might add, most people stayed inside, in the warm to watch the Stephanie show.

Full length portrait of beuatiful woman standing on wet street in Gold Coast at night. Lots of available light and reflection. Photo by Mildura Photographer,  Excitations

Hope one day, to get a chance to work with Steph again, in maybe a little less challenging situation. There are just so many things we could do with a tall stunning model if not hampered by falling rain. Steph managed to complete a number of very interesting poses using props found on the sidewalk. Some of which I’ll post here later. In the meantime so much to do, so little time in a day.

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