Amanda and Dennis, Mildura wedding.

Mildura wedding for Amanda and Dennis

I had these pictures sitting on my desktop ready to post before we headed off to the Gold Coast. Unfortunately I ran out of time. So0 being a smart little cookie I took the files with me, unfortunately the hard drive didn’t want to talk to my laptop…… so here we go just a we bit late.

We had a great day of shooting. Amanda and Dennis had taken some time out a few days earlier to check on some locations. Exciting for us cos we got to shoot a couple of brand new Mildura wedding photography locations. New locations are always a whole lot of fun. We¬† like to work different locations and or revisit old locations¬† after having “spelled” them for some time. It reduces the risk of becoming comfortable and producing totally repeditive images. This applies to portraits as well as weddings.

Close portrait of bride photographed by available light, pior to her wedding. Photo by excitations mildura wedding photographers.

Here at excitations, we always like to get a few glamour styled portraits of our brides before they leave home. At the same time keeping it real. By that, we mean looking like a truly beautiful bride, just like Amanda above. Not like a artificial, porcelain doll look so often seen when auto retouching software is used in post production.

Black and white portrait of  bride leaning on a brick wall. Wedding photography in Mildura by excitations, Mildura photographers.

After the safe inside shots, we ventured into the great outdoors. Lots of fun and a fair bit of messing around before we were ready to head of to in the Inland botanical Gardens for the wedding ceremony.

Close up desaturated wedding photo of bride and groom in fromnt of an old disued building. Wedding photography by excitations, photographers Mildura.

A disused factory and a whole lotta strong directional side lighting was the oplan here. We had decided to shoot medium format for this series of wedding pictures. The reason being the massive dynamic range of these cameras wold allow us untold versatility when we got back to the studio and started designing. As it turned out we didn’t use any of the advantages offered by this camera system. However, it didn’t cost us anything to have a whole lot of other options available to us if we needed them.

Full length fun portrait of bride and groom at old industrial building, desaturated colour. Mildura wedding photo by

One step to the left and a new look. Tis time still desaturating the colour and then allowing highlights within the photograph to blow out. Exactly opposite to the original plan.

Black and white wedding phot of group in front of bus shelter. Photo by excitations Mildura Photographers.

Facing the other direction. Swapping to black and white and letting the bridal party have some fun, resulted in a great series of photographs.

low light wedding portrait of couple outdoors late evening. Photo by excitations mildura photographers.

Moving along to another location. The sun has well and truly set, but the evening after glow provides amazing quality of light. Dennis and Amanda need to be really still for this long exposure to work. But their abiloity to hold a pose combined with modern digital technology allows us to make wedding photographs in places and at times never before possible.

Available light photograph of groom giving speach at his wedding. Photo by excitations, Mildura wedding photographer.

Dennis making his wedding speach at the Magenta Woolshed in the grounds of the Inland Botanical Gardens. Again a low light, available light candid image of the nights proceedings.











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