Surrounded by life coaches and educators in Sydney.

I know, funny place for a photographer to be, but immersing yourself into the world of life coaches has benefits for photographers.

We’re spending two whole days, 10 – 12 hours surrounded by around 650 life coaches, educators and public speakers. Why would we do that? Simple really there are lot of things to learn from how other people live their lives. Lots of the topics discussed are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. However, amongst all of the valueless stuff there are tiny little diamonds to be found.

Then again there is the life coach industry. Honestly, I had know idea that there where so many people out in the world seeking the enlightenment on how to live their lives. Fascinating group really. My favorite speaker has been a man by the name  Dr John Demartini  (almost to good a name to be real Huh)  A man from supremely modest background who now has the ear of some of the most influential people in the world. A skilled presenter and brilliant human behavioral researcher.

Anyway, we’re off for another ten hours of bum numbing inspirational presentations, to a a group of people that I didn’t even know existed. Hopefully we’ll collect a few more diamonds of wisdom out of all that, as we enter the world of life coaches for another day.

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