Wedding photography location, location and location.

Talk about a location for wedding photography!

We’ve shot a fair number of weddings on beaches all over the place during our time as wedding photographers. Never have we had one like this. Imagine having your wedding car or limo parked right on the beach, with an amazing expanse of beautiful white sand stretching for kilometres into the distance. Waves rolling in and breaking just off the waters edge combined with stunning late afternoon light flooding the scene with light so sublime that even a dummy photographer couldn’t get it wrong… Or maybe they could. That however is another story.Model standing with black limo parked on the beach on the Goald Coast of Australia. Photos by excitations

The beautiful Mirjana, strikes a pose for our camera, in front of what surely has to be one of the best beach  wedding photography locations in Australia. I know you’re saying you’d never be able to get your driver to take his/her  pride and joy onto the beach for a wedding photography shoot. Well… Guess what? You don’t have to… the image above was created in a car park. I kid you knot… ( Yes, I know that isn’t the way to spell not but sticking with a wedding theme… as in tie the knot…) To get this image we were standing between two cars, parked in the car park. I wanted to stand on one of them to get a better angle but thought I’d better not.

This wasn’t our hero shot from this session, I wanted to use it just to show the waves breaking in the background, with the surfer  just above Mirjana’s head.  Anyway great location for wedding photography or romantic engagement and couple shoots. Also  one I suspect which hasn’t been effected by the high tide erosion that’s in the news on the Goad Coast at the moment. However,  we’ll encounter that this afternoon with a beach shoot at Surfers Paradise. Where I’m told about a million dollars worth of freshly relocated sand has washed away overnight.

The above spot is not only a beautiful place to shoot. the bridal party can step right out of their cars and be on location in seconds…. Super cool.



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