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Before the rumours start read about Excitations Gold Coast  here.

Today Saturday 15th June 2013, excitations can officially announce the beginning of a new business alliance.. From today excitations have a new agent/sales co-ordinator/representative or whatever other title you like to insert in here. Mirjana Lucic, is now representing and marketing excitations as part of her own marketing business based in the beautiful Gold Coast area.. Mirjana is a  professional sales and marketing person with years of experience. Mirjana has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with Robyn over the past few weeks to get this business relationship to the point it is at today. Release day.

Although Mirjana is based on the Gold Coast, and initially will be marketing to that region. She tells us, she has her sights set on a far bigger chunk of the Australian real estate than just the Gold Coast.  Mirjana will  market on behalf of excitations a range of high end, high quality portrait options, home and office decor photographic art prints plus a couple of specialist corporate products which are  being developed.

Panoramic photo of the Nerang River on the Gols Coast. Photo by Mildura Photographer Ian Mckenzie Excitations.

The Nerang River between South Port and the Gold Coast on our last visit.

So how will this effect our regular Sunraysia  clients?

Probably not at all, at least initially. We maybe away from the studio  a little bit more than usual. We may have some adjusting to do in respect to how we manage our retouching and design services. Otherwise it will be business as usual. We still intend to provide  a full service studio facility. Photography design and high quality professional finishing. In fact we will still be simply excitations. No Excitations Gold Coast or Excitations back of  burke…. Just plain old Excitations.

Why are we spreading out to cover more territory?

Complicated story really. When we opened in Merbein over 25 years ago. Our plan was to build up a business here and after five years sell it and move on. Despite recieving a couple of very good offers for excitations…. We found we liked the people, our lifestyle and the location. We decided to stay for another five years. In fact we just kept on staying. I guess now, we realise that we are running out of time to create all those photos that we wanted to create when we first started out. If we don’t get outside our comfort zone and start doing some of them pretty soon. Opportunities will have gone forever.

Photography is also evolving. Has almost since day one. Services that we provided 25 years ago have long since disappeared. For example, we were the first studio to offer inhouse processing of colour transparency film in probable all of country Victoria. Colour what I hear you say… That’s the point, times change. Photography styles come and go. Peoples expectations of a photographer change. Today for example there are many, many more part time and casual photographers trying to earn a few extra dollars from photography than ever before. As a result a lot of traditional studios have fallen by the wayside. Many more will follow in the next few years.

Suprisingly the demise of so  many traditional photography studios, has opened up a vast array of new opportunities for studios like excitations. Studios who have expertise and equipment way beyond that within the grasp of part time photographers, no matter how good their intentions . Sadly in rural Australia at least, this trend looks like creating a new breed of photographers. The Mining industry calls their fly in fly out workers FIFO’s. It looks as if that may also be the future for full time photographers in regional Australia.

Tomorrow Robyn and I head north, not for two weeks laying in the sun. But to an exciting new time in the evolution of our photography. How exactly it will pan out nobody knows for sure. We will spend the time being introduced to new potential clients, shooting a couple of pre arranged jobs, endless meetings as we gaze into our crystal ball. And boundless excitment and enthusiasm as we embrace new opportunities to create photos and develop ideas.

Mirjana’s  details will shortly be posted to our new home page along with her contact details. If you are on the East Coast and want or need to contact excitations… then Mirjana is your goto person. Her email is mirjana@ (hang on I’ve got to think about this, oh I know) excitations.com.au







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