Just a quick note to remind you guys that excitations studio will be closed for two weeks.

We’re heading North for a couple of weeks from the 15th June, back on the 3rd July. The studio will not be open during this time. We will be working but obviously if we’re not at the pickups and drop in appointments are not possible. While we will be travelling with a fair bit of gear with us, we won’t have access to the bulk of our photo archjives, so photo orders may need to wait untill we return,

Because we will be working emails maybe the best way to contact us. ian@ or robyn@  will get through to us (hopefully)

On another note altogether, some of our suppliers seem to have gone into hybernation for the Winter. Deliveries are taking longer than normal which is getting right up my nose. On the one hand these guys are saying things are quite. On the other they are taking longer to deliver stuff.  Grrrrrrr.

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