Excitations and Mildura Living Magazine

What is Excitations relationship with Mildura Living Magazine?

That’s simple really…. There is no relationship between Excitations and the lifestyle magazine produced locally called Mildura Living. Excitations are not employed by Mildura Living, nor are we contributors in any shape of form to that magazine. Excellent publication that it is. Excitations have absolutely no connection what so ever with its production, advertising or design.

There are I believe, a number of photographers who do have commercial or other arrangements with Mildura Living magazine. While never is a long time I can say that Excitations has never had, nor is it likely that we will ever will have such an arrangement with Mildura Living.

So why am I telling you this? Well I glad you asked…. Sorry I couldn’t resist that line.

A couple of times in the past Mildura Living have asked us if we could supply wedding images from a particular wedding for use in their publication. After checking with the couple, we have supplied those images, and they have been published. The publishers of the magazine have been very clear in their instructions to us. “If we want to use your photos, we will contact you. Do not send photos to us unless we ask.”  The old “Don’t call us we’ll call you” routine.  That’s fair and we’re more than happy with that arrangement.

We’ve had a few phone calls recently wanting to know why we have published some wedding  photos in the magazine and not others. The Answer my freinds is written above.


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