Sneak peak at Loretta and Andrews wedding

Here’s a post specially for our lovely mother of the bride.

Bride and groom seated in entranceway to the Old Wentworth Goal in outback Australia. Photo by Mildurda photographer Ian Mckenzie of excitations.

Occasionally when photographing a wedding photographers need lightning reflexes to capture those decisive moments. Such was the case with this kissing shot of  Loretta and Andrew. I seem to remember Don, the video guy timing this kiss at .3 of a second. Blink and you miss it if you know what I mean. Anyway love the image. And having  Robyn there shooting with a longer lens we got two different versions of the same kiss. Besides, it didn’t take to much encouragement to get another try at the shot.

Full length brown toned wedding photo of bride and groom in a goal cell athe the Wentworth Goal, Wentworth, outback Australia. Wedding photography by excitations, Mildura

Love the simplicity of this image of Loretta and Andrew. Inside an empty room with wrap around white walls and a bit of peeling paint.We weren’t totally happy with the quality of light in this spot so decided to use a couple of small hand held flash units to get a quality of light that worked for the mood we were trying to create. Again a lot of fun had during the shoot and we’ll bring you more pictures as we get into the serious business of editing and designing the album.



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