We’ve just added another lens to our collection.

Mamiya 300mm f4.5 APO lens

If light and colour are our palette then our lenses must surely be our brushes with which  we paint  light onto our sensors. Today we added another lens to our collection. the new lens is for our medium format digital kit. The Mamiya 300mm f4.5 APO lens, is what is referred to as a medium telephoto. In laymans terms it allows us to zoom in and get closer shots… Except of course the Mamiya 300mm f4.5 APO lens isn’t actualy a zoom lens, as it has a fixed focal length or  magnification if you like. It will allow us to bring things up closer but that’s not why we’ve added it to our collection.

Mamiya 300mm f4.5 APO lens attached to a Mamiya DM series camera, photographed against a white background in the studio.

Telephoto lenses have this wonderful ability to seperate a subject closer to the camera from the background behind it. Old trick, been around almost since the day photography was invented. Without getting all technical, this lens will allow us to do that better than before. Being fitted to a high res medium format camera actually magnifies this effect as well as providing quality that is just not posible out of smaller DSLR style cameras. I know, fan boys of DSLR’s will cry fowl and claim otherwise…. but honestly. Nothing has changed since the days of film. Bigger format film gave a different smoother more whole bodied look than smaller film formats. So too with digital. Its a thing called physics.

So far initial testing tells us that this lens will do exactly what we’d expected from it. We won’t be using it every day, or at every job we shoot. But we will have it for those times when our pictures can use the differential focus and compression look provided by the Mamiya 300mm f4.5 APO lens. So far the only thing we don’t like about it is they have painted it white….. Bloody white! Might as well have painted it in fluro colours. I like the cameras I use to blend in a bit. Don’t need anymore white lenses. Technically they tell us white reflects heat, thereby keeping our lens cooler, thus reducing micro thermals within the lens which might degrade our image.  Me thinks, somebody in marketing decided that it would be easier to sell a white lens cos they look more professional!!!!!

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