A little bit of fun!!!

High contrast black and white image in studio of femal model. Photographed by excitations mildura photographers.

We, for some reason don’t post pictures we’ve shot just for fun on this blog very often. Duno why. Anyway this shot was taken during a studio shoot here at the barn studio a few months back. At the time the images from the real shoot were under wraps for a few weeks, and I’d forgotten all about this one. Until just now anyway. The file just landed on my desk as part of a submission and it’s no longer under embargo so, posted it is.

This really was one of those what if moments. The background we were using was being kept in the dark sothat just a little bit os sheen could be seen. I just wondered what would happen if I changed the lighting up a bit…. Actually down as I recall, because I switched everything off except the main. Changed up the models pose into something a bit more abstract and arty. I think I took about 3 frames…. then it was back to the serious stuff.


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