Joanne and Marc Lock 11 Mildura wedding

Beautiful warm weather set the scene for Joanne and Marc’s Mildura wedding.

Bride photographed on balcony with the Murray River in the background for her  Mildura Wedding.

Our first location was a beautiful private home overlooking the Murray River near Gol Gol. While there where many, many amazing locations to created pre-wedding bridal portraits, we really wanted to include the Murray River as a backdrop in at least one of the early images.

Black and white photo with a little added colour. Bride and groom half length in a bush setting. Photogaphy by Mildura wedding photograpers, excitations.

After the wedding ceremony overlooking the Murray River at Lock 11, Mildura, we headed to a small bushland area for some really interesting wedding photos of our newly wed couple.

black and white wedding portrait of groom in bushland setting. Wedding photography by excitations Mildura.

Still in black and white and still in a beautiful  eucalypt plantation. Marc looking sharp in this semi casual wedding portrait.

Bride and groom photographed with their heads out the sunroof of their limo at a Mildura wedding.

This has to be one of the most obvious shots at a wedding involving a limo with a sunroof. However I have to confess I can’t ever recall doing it with a bride and groom.¬† So why shoot it with Joanne and Marc? It just felt right. And if we’re shooting a wedding we tend to shoot stuff if and when it feels right.


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