Claire and Mick, Mildura wedding photography

Clair and Mick pick sunny old Mildura town for their recent wedding

.Sign announcing the wedding of Claire and Mick plus giving directions.

Not much to say about this wedding. Fantastic couple, supremely easy to work with, and very good looking to boot…. Was always going to be a great days shooting. Mildura chucked in some beautiful sunny and warm weather and we got to photograph in some delightful locations.

Stylised black and white full length back view of bride standing in large bedroom. Photo by mildura photographers excitations.

Claire chose the Presidential Suit at the Mildura Grand Hotel to prepare for the wedding. We shot a whole bunch of punchy black and whites in the room.

Cour wedding photo of beautiful bride seated on the end of a bed in Mildurta's Grand Hotel Presidential suite. Wedding portrait by excitations, wedding photography MNildura.

Of course we didn’t shoot everything in black and white. this colour image is a subtle mix of available room light and portable strobe lighting. We really wanted to give the room a warm glow for this image.

Outdoor wedding ceremony in the Mildura Homestead Gardens. Mildura wedding photography by excitation s.

I say it regularly and it’s true. Almost every wedding we get to photograph we see something new and different. For me it was the beautiful idea of having small clear bottles hanging from the old Almond trees in the Mildura Homestead Gardens. Each bottle contained not only water but but a single flower. Where the idea came from I don’t know. I forgot to ask. However, I suspect it might have something to do with claire’s French background.

Sweet romantic photograph of couple embracing on their wedding day.

Tone and desaturated colour wedding photograph of a happy couple up close. Mildura wedding photography by excitations Mildura Photographers.

When it comes to Mildura wedding photography, or more to the point locations to create wedding images in Mildura. Honestly, the sky is the limit. Locations abound. And yes, we do get to go to the same old places often but that is no reason to be a lazy photographer and not try to find new angles. Every wedding and every portrait for us, is a chance to find a new way of seeing . So even when we have the same location for 3 weeks running, we always strive to find a new way of approaching that setting. The two shots above, down by the river and in the old stables would be examples of using a location, while  not really showing the location. Often it is enough just to be there. Using the setting to create a mood for the photo session rather than being the background if that makes sense.

Once worked with a talented hair stylist. Who when photographing head shots for competition, whould dress her models from head to toe in the style required for the hairstyle. Her reason…. If it helps my model feel the part… it’ll make it easier for her to look the part. Good advice really.

A group of groomsmen photograpphed casually in the old stables at Mildura Homestead.

A more conventional angle of the old stables, photographed with a group of good looking and very funny blokes who just seemed to hang around with us all day.






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