Views from our office window this week.

It’s been a massive week for the crew from excitations this week

Still is in fact. So although I can’t show you what we’re shooting, I’ve decided I can show you a couple of shots of the views outside our office window this week. Low level aerial photograph of lone tree in field with early morning light and plowed paterns in field.

Low level aerial of water birds taking flight off a lake in Western Victoria.

Not all the locals were happy to see us. Flocks of waterbirds decided to relocate.

Low altitude aerial photo of intersection of two bush tracks in a forest. Photo by excitations Mildura. All rights reserved.

During a short break in shooting managed to get this image of  two forest tracks intesecting.

Mt Arapiles photographed in poor light  during winter. Photography by excitations photographers Mildura.

Another window, another day. This location which is Mt Arapiles in Western Victoria turned out not to be good for us. Promising early morning light turned to mush. Off to another location  and hopefully better light. Location shooting is often fluid and you need to be able to run fast. A 5am start for zip. Coulda, shoulda spent an extra hour in bed.

Low level aerial image of farm dam. Photo by excitations all rights reserved.

Dry weather seems to be continuing for much of rural Victoria. Mightn’t be good for farmers but sure makes for some interesting patterns on the ground.

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