Rustic location portrait.

 A quick location portrait of the beautiful Mikayla

Shooting with the wonderful and talented Mikayla the other week, we jumped at the chance to create this very quick location portrait while she was taking a break between setups for the main shoot.half length location portait of a young ballerina with dramatic makeup, posed against a background of rusty steel work.

The location portrait above was completed in probably 3 minutes…. Of course we cheated a little, as Mikalya was already made up, in costume and pretty much on location. all that was left for us to do was selected a background that would give us some nice contrast. Would be complimentary to Mikalya’s rather dramatic dance makeup. Thanks to the wonderful Louise for that. If you need a make up artist you can contact Loouise through Visible Effects in Mildura.

Our background was a trio of old rusty steel tanks for the shot above. We got Mikalya to find a position which would give us the light and shade we needed on the background. Added just a tiny smidgen of flash though a softbox to give a little extra colour to Mikayla’s eyes and basically let her do her thing.


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