Simplicity sometimes best for kids photography.

Keeping it simple during kids photography sessions often pays big dividends in results.

I sit and write this post on kids photography and keeping it simple, while waiting to shoot a photo session that is going to be anything but simple. That however, is another story which I hope to be able to bring you in the very near future. We here at excitations try to mix it up a bit during our daily working routine. We try not to keep doing the same stuff. Which is often a hard call, because often our clients are trying to match an image we created for them with another child a number of years ago. So by the very nature of our business and the huge number of repeat clients we have, doing different stuff is harder than it sounds.

Just this week, and today is only day two of the week. We have already shot one concept image like no other excitations have created before. Later today, another location portrait that will be different to anything I can remember doing in the past.

Sometimes however, just doing the simplest things results in really good images. Chucking away all the tricks and  just concentrating on kids photography in its simplest form. Plain background, a camera and some interaction with our child models.

Example of simple kids photography against a plain white studio background.

The beautiful and just a little bit cheeky Klancy, props against a stool in the studio and flashes us a great big smile.  I know mum spent a lot of time on choosing colours and costuming for this portrait. But this story is about keeping it simple so I’ve dropped the colour out of these two images to retain that theme. I know the look won’t be everyones cup of tea. But that’s fine. World would be a totally boring place if we all liked the same photographc styles.

close up studio photo of young child, antigue toned against a white background.

Same technique as above but a new model. This young lady is Evie. Really fun kid. I thinking about suggesting to the weather bureau that they name our next tropical cyclone in honour of this young human dynamo. Cyclone Evie, does have a ring to it doesn’t it?

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