We’ve been doing it for a while now. About 30 years to be precise. However, there seems to be a story circulating that we no longer photograph weddings…. Not true!

What is true, is we no longer promote weddings. So you won’t see us at wedding expo’s, in bridal books or even with wedding photos on the front page of our website. We’ve been slowing withdrawing from promoting wedding photography services for over two years.

Why don’t we promote our wedding photography services? Simple really, we get enough weddings to fill our desired quota without promoting. Excitations prefer to photograph weddings where the couple really want us to shoot their wedding, rather than couples who are just looking for a photographer. We would rather spend our time doing that little bit extra for the weddings we do, rather than just trying to book and photograph as many weddings as possible. Photographing, retouching and designing wedding albums takes up a massive amount of time. Despite the common belief that we make a fortune out of creating luxury, hand crafted and designed albums, the sad truth is we don’t. We just love doing it. Therefore we have to restrict the number of weddings we do each year. No big deal, that’s just something we do and have been for the last two years.

How did the story that you don’t do weddings start?  Honestly…. your guess is as good as mine. I know a couple of photographers had mentioned to me recently that they noticed we don’t have weddings on our web site and if you read the fine print on top of our web page it says portrait and family photography and doesn’t mention weddings.

Somebody I guess has added 2+2 and got  3.  Stories start and spread, which is just part of life.

Probably catch you at a wedding sometime soon.


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