Told you we had a big pumpkin.

Remember I told you we had the use of a big pumpkin.

Young boy sitting in garden shed on top of a huge pumpkin weighing over 50kilos. Photo by excitations Mildura portrait and family photographers.

First photo of said monster. Weighs in at over 50kg and is currently in residence at excitations studio. Pictured here with the good looking young Angus, who was happy to don his best overalls and help us out with this portrait. I thought, seeing as Angus was all dressed up to do some work I might have been able to convince him to pitch in and do some gardening around the studio. Alas, it seems he had better things to spend his time on.

Anyway pumpkin will remain in residence for another month before being returned to its rightful owner. Anyone know any good pumpkin recipes for pumpkin? While the pumpkin is currently sitting in our garden shed, there is no reason while it can’t be moved into the studio for some cute baby pictures.

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