Quick heads up on Magazine Albums

Magazine Albums have been and continue to be popular but beware.

We don’t normally like to make negative comments about other products offered by photographers. However, we have offered quality Australian made Magazine Albums as a popular part of our wedding packages for years. We intend to continue to do so. We are continueing to use our regular supplier, who actually invented the style, although you wouldn’t think so if you read some of the overseas advertising of Magazine Albums. That is as they say, another story.

You are likely to hear about Magazine styled albums having quality problems. The most notable of which is pages sticking together. Caused I believe, by the glue¬† slowly seeping around the edges of pages and adhering pages together. Again let me assure you that our Magazine Albums don’t do that. The Australian product uses tried and tested mounting methods. Which cost more but don’t stick your album pages together. Futher to that Australian made products are cured in a temperature and humidity controlled environment before being shipped to us.

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