Autumn portrait promo at Centro with Robyn

Yup, it’s Autumn and Robyn is out at Centro with our portrait promo.

I know she has got a couple of specials on the go, so if you’re out near Centro Mildura drop by and say hello. Don’t whatever you do ring the studio this week, because we left Ian in charge and that’s not a good thing.

Studio portrait of stunning young woman, photographed by excitations portrait photographers Mildiura.

If you do call by, I’m pretty sure Robyn has a portrait of Kimberly on display, At Centro this week.

We wanted to do a few ideas with Kimberly. The image above being one but not the first vision we  had. That one  is still sitting, waiting to be processed, because each time we do something with it, we sit back and say…. Nope… that’s not quite IT and put the files away again for another day.

As Kimberly  has near flawless skin and a strong geometric hair style, Ian was keen to shoot some images, a little more crisp and angular than we normally shoot. Hense the arms wrapped around  her neck and the strong non difussed lighting. Then there is of course that fashion model look which sadly, comes with the package that is Kimberly. So we can’t claim any credit for that one, unfortunately. I had intended to title this picture “The girl next door” but it’s and “in joke” and only 6 people would get it. I’m pretty sure none of the six read this blog so mecifully you where spared that title.. Besides I’m pretty sure I’ve never a had a beautiful woman like this living next door to me. But, I could be wrong of course. My memory being what it is or isn’t.

We have to thank the super talented Amanda for hair styling and of course the living legend makeup artist Louise, for….. well the makeup of course. And of course the amazing Kimberly, who was super gracious to hang around the studio for a couple of hours while we tinkered and generally messed around. We will hopefuylly, post some more images form this shoot as time allows

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