Your fresh wedding flowers.

Some of the things you should ask your florist when ordering fresh wedding flowers.

I know, it’s a long way from photography and to be brutally honest,  I know  very little about fresh wedding flowers.  Although I do see a whole bunch of them… Get it!!!  Bunch of…. well never mind. I have to admit I do have a preference for fresh wedding flowers. I’m not saying there aren’t fabulous alternatives, just that I find the textural and aromatic qualities of fresh flowers somewhat enchanting. However if you’re looking for a totally bullet proof bouquet then one of the alternatives is probably for you.

close up of a magnificent red roses.

A delightful bunch of near perfect red roses ready to head of with the bride to church.  Do I have a thing for red roses…. I’m not sure, but there are about 400 red rose bushes in the excitations studio garden. That maybe a clue.

Back however to some of the things you should ask your florist. First and formost,   determine  if the flowers you like are readily available during the time of year you plan to marry. Yup I know florists can get most things most of the time. Out of season stock is more expensive, worse than that, often temporarily out of stock. Your chosen wedding flowers not available on your wedding day, isn’t a good thing. Obviously because fresh flowers are that. Real live living plants, there are from time to time crop failures, caused by many things outside yours or your florist’s control. Think storm damage and flooding or fires and you get the picture. Generally however supplies are good for most of the regularly used flowers.

Check how big your boquet is going to be… really. Little brides behind a massive bunch of foliage and flowers isn’t a look that many go for. Another thing you should check is how heavy  the finished arrangement  will be. Look at it this way. As a bride you have a given amount of energy stored in your body. Lots of that stored energy will be used up by the emotion of your day. Seriously it will. Then there is your wedding dress. Wearing it around for a few minutes in the shop is a whole lot different to actually wearing the gown all day at your wedding . Add to that a heavy boquet and you are likely to burn up more energy than you have stored. Even factoring in the adrenalin rush of your day may not be enough to get you to the finish line. Many brides tire before reaching the reception. Then miraculously they seem to get a second wind. So just consider the weight of your chosen flower arrangement.

Time of year will also dictate to a degree what fresh wedding  flowers you  choose. Middle of Summer is not the time to select a bouquet of fragile heat sensitive blooms. Think crispy sun dried flowers as a result! While talking about soft delicate flowers, be aware  the most delicate are also most likely to bruise very easily. So that your magnificent soft white blooms may quickly turn to brown bruised shadows of their former selves.

Check also whether your chosen floral arrangemnent is colour safe. Yup some flowers have a nasty habit of marking their territory by staining nearby white dresses. Stamen covered in bright sticky yellow pollen are the number one  most wanted in these catagory of villians. However there are others, who bruise easily and in doing so transfer all manner of pretty colours straight to you lovely gown. Finally, check how your florist intends to construct your bouquet. Is it to be wired together, pinned, maybe pushed into foam. Will the final masterpiece stay in tact for the duration of  your wedding day, or will it slowly but surely shed flowers one by one until you are left holding an artificial handle and little else.

Of course if you intend to have your wedding bouquet dried and mounted into a presentation box. Do ask whether the plant species you have chosen are suitable for drying and preservation. Sounds a bit hard. Really it’s not and these little questions can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your special day.


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