Apparently she said YES!!!

Fun picture of newly engaged couple, photographed in black and white with the young lady holding up a sign say "Isaid Yes" engagement photo by excitations, Mildura photographers

We had the great pleasure of shooting with a vibrant and entertaining young couple last weekend. It was kind of a dual celebration, when Stephanie celebrated her 21st birthday and at the same time announced her engagement to the layback and  very cool Damian. There’s not a lot to say about the photo session really. As engagement sessions go… It was different…. We wanted to try a few things that were matched to Stephanie and Damian’s personalities. At the same time trying not to do any locations we’d shot before. Starting at home in a rather interesting garden featuring lots of garden furniture that was immaculately kept, We shot some slightly traditional engagement photos.

Then it was off down the street to see what we could find. As you would expect it doesn’t take  long for Robyn to spy an interesting place. Which is going to yield a whole bunch of very interesting and different engagement shots. Not happy with giving Stephanie’s feet a workout in her dancing shoes, we then went very industrial. Taking these guys to a place you probably shouldn’t take engagement couples too. Unless of course you want to make great pictures… If that’s the case all bets are off.

Had fun, shot heaps and will maybe post a couple more as time allows.


Take care team.

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