Camille and Stevan engagement revisited.

Final version of an engagement image we posted some time ago.

Black and white image of man cradleing woman in his arms.

We’re breaking a couple of rules here today. Firstly we try not to post the same or similar images twice. But this one has been here before. You can check out the original version here. The original version we showed was prety much straight out of the camera. Above is the final processed version.

The second thing we’ve done here is dropped out all the colour from the image leaving only the vibrant red of Camille’s beautiful dress. I’m not a great fan of the selective use of colour in a black and white image. If we use it here at excitations, we generally try to keep it subtle. So that it enhances the look of the image. Over use of this selective colour technique by many in our industry has kinda spoilt it for me. Don’t get me wrong I not saying it bad, or shouldn’t be used.  I  just see it some many times when it has been used and actually detracted from a good image turning it into something rather corny.  But Hey… that’s just me. It’s taken me  30 years to get over the fisheye lens look, that was immensley popular when I first started in this industry.  I might even buy a fisheye lens one day you never know.

That said we had a great time shooting with Camille and Stevan on their engagement day and we look forward to shooting some amazing wedding photos with them in September.

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