Late evening storm Wentworth.

Chased a couple of small thunder cells  near Wentworth.

Rarely get the chance to chase any weather pictures. Usually already committed to other photo jobs. Such is life I guess. Long story short, we spotted the potential for something to happen this evening a couple of days ago. Left the time open just in case. Then tonight,  as we got closer to sundown, there were 3 small thunderstorms heading in a westerly direction which would put them  a bit north of Wentworth. Gear loaded and off we went.

Chasing weather is frought with difficulties. Number one opponent is mother nature herself. She never seems to play by the rules. Tonights shoot was no exception. As we’re heading out on a shoot like this we rate our targets from most likley to produce a picture to least likely. Tonight at least we got that right. Our least likely rated storm cell was a fizzer. Washing out to nothing very early. Great news, to many times, I’ve been following the one that dies. Our number two pick was also starting to fade, but luckily some light hit it just after sunset and popped a bit of life into it.

Late evening thunderstorm north of the small rural outback town of Wentworth. Photo by Ian Mckenzie, all rights reserved.

That’s storm cell number two above. Really love the 3 brighly coloured little clouds following along after the event so to speak. What happenned to our first choice. We’ll like I said mother nature can be a bit of a pain when you’re out shooting. Tonights promising thunder cell, reversed direction and headed back towards Mildura. Were, as I type this, it is dumping a small amount of rain and putting on a bit of a light show.

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