File transfers to email accounts


We are often requested to  “Just email it to me”.  It being a high resolution image file need for some project or other. Most often associated with commercial type photo shoots. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well it’s not simple. Because many if not most email accounts have a size restriction or an attatchment block active. We email the file and ten minutes later it has bounced back to us. Then we spend a whole bunch of time trying to find a work around for our client.  And you know what, most times the recipient will be getting angry at us because this has never happenned before. “I get pictures sent to me all the time, it must be something you’re doing wrong”. Is the most common reply as we waste an hour sorting out a way to get the  image file to them.

There is and has been an option for a long time. Most times we offer to place the high resolution file on our sever and our client then downloads. Very simple process. Clean and works every time as long as the instructions with the emailed link are followed. Still there are people who insist on us emailing high resolution files.

Well I’m sorry to say, emailing files is no longer an option. We can’t afford to waste hours of our time messing about with a flawed system. From this day on…. NO MORE HIGH RESOLUTION FILE TRANSFRS VIA EMAIL.

All high resolution file transfers will be done via a download from our server (Photos Australia) or through Dropbox or the WeTransfer website. All simple, safe, time saving and as near as dammit to bullet proof.

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