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Have fun!!!

It’s  your special day. You have to enjoy it. Don’t ever fall for the trap of being so worried about everything going right, that you forget to have fun.  Just chill and have a brilliant time. Your photography is important, but not that important that it ruins your enjoyment of your day. So many times we hear stories of brides who worked so very hard at getting that great shot… They miss all the good bits from their day.

So surround yourself with a group who are going to all pull together so that your wedding day is fantastic. Selecting a bridal party  you want to have, rather than  have to have  is a good start. Similarly, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Video Crews and photographers should also be selected because they will not only deliver the goods. But just as importantly will not deliver you a whole lot of stress on your day of days. At excitations we always strive to get the balance between intensity of the photo session and you having a great time. Do we always succeed? Nope… Love to fib a bit and say we never get it wrong but we do. Sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it an outside influence which takes the edge of a photo session. However, we always try to have as much fun as possible… Because when people are having fun, great pictures come  naturally.

A little planning is a great. Try to schedule in a break or two so that you can just sit back and enjoy for a few minutes. Sometimes that isn’t possible. On those occassions where time is tight. Make sure your creative team know that you want to enjoy your day as well as getting good images. Be those images be still or moving.

Bride and her bridesmaids sitting on a farm gate, all in party mode. Photo by excitations Mildura photographers.

While we’re talking about having a good time. Take a look at Joanne and her bridesmaids. Full throttle all day. And they didn’t need either the stubby of beer or glass of champagne to get them into party mood. High on life would be the best way to describe these girls. Guys were great value as well but you’ll have to wait a bit before I post more pictures from the wedding.


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