New world wedding photography record set!

Yup… Missleading headline again.

I have zero idea if this is a world record or not. But sure hope it is. A photographer in the great old US of A is claiming to have shot a 12,000 frame wedding. That’s righ he says he shot 12 thousand pictures on the couples wedding day. Doesn’t matter how you try to make sense of that, it sure is one massive number of shots. Imagine if he was at your wedding for 6 hours, he would need to take one photo every 1.8 seconds all the time. No toilet stops, no time to take a drink, no time outs while you go by car to the church.

His claim is that he never misses a single moment…. Some would argue that he probably misses most moments.  Imagine, he has to shoot a picture, find something else interesting, compose his shot and then shoot another, all in under 1.8 seconds. I bet his wedding coverage is truly interesting. Imagine asking your friends over to view your wedding photos…. all 12 thousand of them! In the time it’s take you to read this he would have created just over 30 new and interesting photographs…….

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